Nooriwala, Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun

Working Partnership with Parents

Parents must make it a point to attend frequent parent teacher conferences held in School for the success and ultimate achievement of a child's learning. Parents, we recognize as important collaborators with the school. And home is the first model of Inspiration for the child.

Parents are requested to give their children their time. Give their children morally rich goals to work for. They must supervise their study at home and sign their diaries. Parents should not allow their children to drive scooters or mopeds to school. If they do so it is at their own risk.

Parents are further advised to discourage their children from buying any eatables from roadside vendors or hawkers who frequently station themselves near the street corners close to the school gates.

Parents should see that their child/children do not bring any extra money from home. Parents are requested to make suitable arrangement to take their children home promptly after the school.

At the Gate, parents should come on time to bring/collect children and observe the school traffic safety rules within and outside the school gates.

Children cannot leave School before their respective closing time.

Parents are requested to keep at hand a copy of these rules for regular reference & reminder of the rules. Children are constantly given notices to take home; parents are further requested to Read All The School notices carefully as they contain important information.

SMS services are available with the school.

Parents must specially keep a careful check of LEAVE RECORD and LATE ATTENDANCE RECORD of their child.

Students are equally distributed among different sections of the class irrespective of Merit/Performance.

The Declaration Form, in duplicate, given at the end of this diary must be duly filled and signed by the mother and father. One copy of this will be kept in the school office for ready reference.

Also dear Parents, The Uttarakhand D.G.P. has expressed great concern at the rise of incidents of kidnapping for ransom and the increase in the number of fatal road accidents among School going students in Dehra Dun and has asked the Principal to inform the parents of the following:

Children should not talk to strangers.

They should not buy anything from the road side vendors.