Nooriwala, Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun

  1. A clear calendar month's notice, in writing must be given before withdrawal of a child or a month's fee will be charged.
  2. For the withdrawal of a child at the end of the academic year i.e. March, two months notice must be given in the first week of January and fee must be paid up-to 31st March.
  3. The academic session for the children of the school is 1st April to 31st March.
  4. Any notice contrary to the above, and during vacation period or holidays when the office is fully closed will not be entertained.
  5. Any notice of withdrawal and request for a Transfer Certificate must be made as per rule in writing, by the parents/authorized guardians of the child. On receipt of such a notice and request the Transfer Certificate will be prepared and issued on/after the third day, provided all fee are cleared. When a Transfer Certificate is asked for and prepared, precise school records will be entered and no alteration of date of birth etc will be done. Once a Transfer Certificate is issued no further records can or will be documented and/or issued.
  6. On paying a charge of R. 750/- (only for the current year) a duplicate Transfer Certificate may be issued, provided an affidavit, on the legally prescribed stamp paper with a photograph of the parents and written in English addressed to the Principal of the School, is furnished giving satisfactory reason. Every subsequent year or part thereof will attract an additional charge of Rs. 150/- per lapsed year.
  7. A Transfer Certificate will be issued on request (application needs to be submitted) on leaving the school by paying Rs.50/- within one month of leaving school or declaration of results in case of a Board Exam. After the lapse of one month or part there of a sum of Rs.150/- will be charged provided all the pending dues are cleared. For every subsequent year's lapse or part thereof a further Rs. 150/- per academic year will also be charged over and above payment and clearing of all pending dues.
    Fee Charges can be changed without prior notice.


Membership of a child/children will be cancelled by the School for persistent bad conduct, indecent language, deliberate late payment of fees, deliberate and repeated violation of our rules and unfriendly acts of the child/children, parents, relatives or guardians against the institution or its administration or any other reason that the School or its Management sees fit and necessary in the larger interest of the School, its children, staff or the Management. Such expulsion of a students from the school will have liability on the part of the school and the dues paid will not be Refundable.