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Rules & Regulations

A good institution must have prescribed Rules and Regulations and must enforce these uniformly. With this understanding we must ensure the following.


Simplicity and smartness being the keynote to the institution, the following must be ensured:

  1. Every students come to school smartly and neatly dressed and in correct School uniform.
  2. Boys will keep their hair short while girls will dress their hair tidily by tying it back, if it is long.
  3. Black Shoes (Boots not allowed) are a part of the uniform. Shoes must be polished regularly. White shoes to be worn for P.T./ Games.
  4. No Jewellery is allowed in school. Girls may wear simple and small ear-rings.
  5. Nails must be clean and clean and clipped short.


  1. Our students must be 'On Time And Ready To Learn'. Hence pupils must be regular and punctual. All to be in school before 8:45 A.M. in winter and before 8:00 A.M. in Summer.
  2. Pupils who are habitually late for School are liable to be sent home.
  3. Parents must plan their holidays/excursions in such a way that School attendance in not affected. Also appointment with doctors, dentists etc. must not be arranged during School Hours.
  4. Leave of absence will be granted only on a previously written application and only for very serious reasons.
  5. In case of absence without leave, the absence must be explained in writing and also entered in the School diary.
    The parent should sign it. Finally the same must be signed by the Principal before the child is allowed into the class.
  6. Pupils suffering from any infectious disease like measles, chicken pox, mumps etc. will not be allowed to attend School unless the suggested quarantine period is over. Also they must bring an authorized M.B.B.S. Doctor's certificate to state that they are free from infection.
  8. Home work given should be done regularly.
  9. A ninety percent (90%) attendance is necessary for Promotion.


  1. Parents are requested to ask for leave for their child only in the most unavoidable circumstances. Children already have two long vacations, post examination breaks and a large number of holidays in the year. Parents must plan their social and other engagements keeping view the academic interest of their children.
  2. All leave must be applied for in writing, at least three days in advance except in unforeseen circumstances in which case an application must be submitted on the day the students returns to school. Failure to do so will be taken very seriously.
  3. Leave on health grounds for more than two days must be accompanied by a medical certificate from a registered medical practitioner.
  4. Absence from Examinations/Tests will result in failure except in case of serious illness, for which a medical certificate must be submitted from a Govt. Medical Officer.
  5. Absence without leave for five days or more will automatically lead to a student's name being struck off the rolls of the school. Re-admission, if granted, will be treated as a case of new admission.
  6. Half-day or part of a leave is not allowed.
  7. Leave applications can be made only by the parents, must carry the name and class of the students, date and name of the parent.


Kindness and courtesy is the hall mark of every Heritagian.

  1. Hence, every students must remember that his/her behavior in School and outside is a reflection of training received in the Home and in the School. The pupils must greet their teachers, elders and friends, wherever they meet them, the time of the day, in a pleasant and audible tone of voice.
  2. Students in their communication with one another must use a language that reflects dignity and grace. They must never use loud and common expressions and must take care never to interrupt anyone who is talking.
  3. Students are not permitted to wear the School uniform or School blazer at any function outside School unless a teacher accompanies them, and they are representing the School.
  4. Students must live up to the School motto and consider it their privilege to be of service at all times.


We respect School property and what does not belong to us. As such students must ensure:

  1. Any damage to School property is made good by the students.
  2. They look after their personal belongings, as the School authorities do not accept responsibility for lost watches, money, books etc. or cycles left unlocked in the School premises.


Games and Sports are integral to good and healthy learning. Such activities develop in children a sense of healthy participation, quick decision-making, endurance, teamwork and respect for fair play.
As such the school provides for excellent facilities where trained coaches from APTC and N.I.S. (National Institute of Sports) impart coaching to the students.
To ensure that the children develop a healthy mind in a healthy body the following must be kept in the mind:

  1. Games and P.T. classes are compulsory for all. They are a vital part of the school curriculum.
  2. Only a doctor's medical certificate can give a student exemption from Games and P.T.
  3. Such students, exempted from Games/P.T. must be with the class on the games field during P.T. Periods.
  4. Parents co-operate with the school and encourage an all round development by ensuring participation of their children in all sporting activities of the school.


Silence and an atmosphere of study must be observed in the library at all times.

  1. Books are issued on a library card. It is for the librarian to decide when not issue certain books when circumstances so demand.
  2. The library book may be kept for seven days. A book may be issued for less than seven days if there is a heavy demand for it.
  3. A fine of Rs. 5/- per book, per day including Sundays and holidays will be charged if books are returned after due date.
  4. Any tampering with the book or damaging it, in any way will invite a severe penalty.


  1. Children should buy their Stationery and Text Books strictly as prescribed. Non-Approved stationery will not be permitted.
  2. Text books should be bought by the parents from the Book Shop stipulated, as this ensures that the correct items/editions etc. are supplied as prescribed. Stationery should be purchased from the school stationer. Only school programmed stationery must be used by all.