Nooriwala, Sahastradhara Road, Dehradun

Mission Statement

Our Mission Statement

Proud of The Past, Touching The Future

With great pride and pleasure The Heritage School has started a second branch of their school in their Shastradhara Road Campus, Dehradun.

Welcome to the infant community at this branch. We very fondly call them our 'Sunbeams' .Classes Lkg, Ukg and Class I (subsequently these classes will go higher). The Academic Year, 2018-2019, at The Heritage School, Dehra Dun, this year marks the 65th year of the school's dedicated service to the young through education. The vision of the founders has become strong with the school management committing itself to providing to society, a socially and morally responsible learning community. Learning that is applicable to real life and is life long. To ensure this the school recognizes the importance of establishing a strong partnership between home and school as a critical factor in the success and all round development of each child. Parents remain the child's first teachers.

Teachers are facilitators who consider the needs of individual students and provide extra reinforcement for those students who need it while continuing to provide a rigorous curriculum for all.

With academic needs, the school recognizes and values the emotional, moral, spiritual, physical, cultural and social development of the Heritagian. The Schools in Dehradun also recognizes the importance of a student's respect for self and for others. We will endeavour to conscientize our students of their rights as also their duties so that they become 'Trail Blazers' of the future.

We believe that: The school environment must be safe, orderly, motivating and interesting. The school climate is positive and reflects an atmosphere of co-operation. Every child has the potential to succeed. School will prepare life-long learners, who respect themselves as much as they respect other and thus are capable of shaping our destiny of tomorrow.

Every year the following results are expected: Continued student improvement in all fields, curricular and co-curricular. Use of current technology, which is continuously upgraded. A strong partnership with parents and others in society. Students exhibiting higher and higher levels of self- confidence about their potential and learning. Increased staff development in order to implement a high standard of student learning. A smooth development in our Out-Reach Programme where we equip the less privileged with learning and living skills.

The Heritage School moves on....
From the past into the future.....

Our constant quest will be to provide our students with the very best. We want our children to enjoy being here and to look in future years and value their time spent at The Heritage School.